If you look at porn, you've probably realized by now that beating yourself up about it doesn't really help anything. I feel that to attain sobriety it's necessary to avoid being online (without filters, etc) for at least a year or so. I've proven that I couldn't fight the addiction with my addicted mind calling the shots because it always found or … Read More

Instead of rehashing what's already been said a million times in the NoFap community and elsewhere, I thought I'd talk about the root cause of your addiction to pornography, explain how it works, as well as what tools I personally used to overcome it. Like any other addiction there are always pitfalls along the way, but as you make your way through… Read More

Pornography addiction is a chronic, progressive disorder characterized by a growing compulsion to see pornographic content. But when you spend a ton of time teaching your brain to associate arousal and release with pornography, your brain can't associate arousal and release with a person anymore. The sexual excitement and eventual release obtained … Read More

Hedge fund mogul Jeffrey Epstein becomes a free man today, five years after he was first accused of sexually abusing underage girls. Anyone who use sex toys can indeed appreciate being able to get penetrated by realistic vibrator sex toys. Mabuza is the State's first witness in the trial against Dennis and his sister Maryann Peter in the Durban Re… Read More

Request help if you do not Believe you're executing Kegels correctly. Your medical professional will help you identify and isolate the right muscles to conduct the exercise. If you're feeling like you have been carrying out Kegels for a considerable amount of time, like a few months, and possess seen no success, then you should seek out enable from… Read More